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This basic website (no fancy HTML, no unnecessary plug-ins) has been designed for ease of use and contains project documentation as well as historical information about Houston's Fourth Ward. In addition, this website contains the community outreach items outlined in the joint Phase II research design developed by FLMA and Hicks & Company, including regular project updates. We hope that you will find this page a valuable resource about this unique neighborhood and HISD's ongoing efforts to redevelop the area in a historically aware and culturally respectful manner.

Suggestions are always welcome. Please direct these to Dr. McGhee at fmcghee@flma.org.

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Project Update #1

Project archaeologists conducted a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR for short) survey over three of four portions of the project area. The survey was conducted in rainy conditions between 13 and 15 July, 2005. Portions scanned included currently paved portions on the western edge of the existing Gregory-Lincoln School (the basketball court), the brick street portion of Andrews St. and portions of the area along the western edge of Andrews St. along the corner with Taft. Archaeologists also mechanically excavated a trench over "soil boring #19" which a previous archaeological company had indicated contained a small bone fragment and limited historic artifacts. Click here for a photograph of the trench, taken on 14 July. Despite the difficult conditions, project archaeologists were able to deduce:

Project Update #2

A review draft of the GPR survey has been completed. Click here for a pdf copy of the draft, along with a transmittal letter from Rachel Feit of Hicks & Company to the Texas Historical Commission, archaeologically describing the two trenches unearthed in conjunction with the remote sensing sweep. J.K. Wagner and company have also finished their archival research for the site. Due to size constraints, the file reproduced here contains only section one of the archival analysis, although that section contains a summary of findings and interpretations. A full hardcopy of the study, as well as CD copies will be made available in the future.

Project Update #3

Archaeologists have begun excavation. Hurricane Rita interrupted project activities during the week of 19 September, but significant progress has been made thus far.