Community Development, Housing & Historic Preservation

FLMA provides unique insight into the relationship between affordable housing, especially public housing, and historic preservation.  

Our expertise lies in coordinating historic preservation with community  revitalization, economic development and environmental conservation, specifically in minority neighborhoods.

Our anthropologically grounded approach to community building facilitates collaboration, shared benefits and burdens, and seeks “win-win” scenarios.

A former housing authority employee and noted public housing preservationist, Dr. McGhee is a leading authority on the history of African Americans and other minority populations in American public housing and its relationship to historic preservation.   Dr. McGhee has also consulted with public housing resident councils and advocacy groups nationwide.

FLMA can assist you with:

  • Generating and/or preserving affordable housing
  • Housing and community development consultation
  • Applying for Historic Tax Credits & Low-Income  Housing Tax Credits through the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives program
  • Managing and implementing policies and procedures of state housing agencies and public housing authorities

Pro-bono Projects

Dr. McGhee is the author of the nomination of Santa Rita Courts, the nation's oldest USHA (United States Housing Authority) housing project, to the National Register of Historic Places.   Learn more.

He is currently researching a nomination package for the Webberville Ebeneezer Baptist church in Webberville, Texas – the third oldest Baptist church in Travis County.