NAGPRA & Minority Group Consultations

FLMA can assist you in working with minority groups and tribes, alleviating anxiety and misinformation, especially with controversial projects.

Executive orders, laws, statutes, and customs require agencies to engage in good faith consultation with Indian tribes, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiian organizations.

FLMA possesses extensive experience in minority group relations and is particularly skilled in effective partnering with both federally recognized Indian Tribes and Native Hawaiian organizations as well as non-federally recognized tribes and groups.

FLMA also assists agencies seeking to engage in culturally appropriate and informed dialogue with other descendant populations, especially African Americans and Latinos.

Repatriation Consultation

As an experienced NAGPRA facilitator, FLMA can assist you with required repatriations under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990. This law, and its implementing regulations at 43 CFR 10, obligate federal agencies and museums to consult with Indian tribes and Native Hawaiian organizations regarding the final disposition of human remains, associated funerary objects, and objects of cultural patrimony.

FLMA's approach to NAGPRA is cutting edge, informed, respectful, and dignified. FLMA is well versed in negotiating "win-win" scenarios in which anthropological science and indigenous values are not seen as polar opposites, but potentially as mutually reinforcing activities--provided that candor and mutual respect are present on all sides. As increasing numbers of descendant community members become trained in archaeology and anthropology, awareness and recognition of the ways in which science can help minority peoples is beginning to come to the fore.

In assisting clients in complying with Executive Order 12898, Federal Actions To Address Environmental Justice In Minority Populations And Low-Income Populations FLMA focuses on a detail oriented and collaborative approach that stresses both quantitative as well as qualitative research.